iBackup Viewer Pro 4.25.1 Crack With Serial Key 2022 (Mac)

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iBackup Viewer Pro 4.25.1 Crack 2022 Lifetime License Code (Mac) Free Download

iBackup Viewer Pro Crack successfully extracts information from iPhone and iPad backups, including contacts, call history, SMS messages, web visits, website favorites, photos and iPhone applications. Are you ready to browse and manage your iOS backup? download iBackup Viewer 4 With Crack to your Mac from here. This application allows you to manage and extract information from iOS devices, including contacts, call history, raw data files, WhatsApp messages, SMS messages, bookmarks, photos and applications for iPhone. The iBackup Viewer Pro Mac is a powerful application that allows you to access data stored on your device. In addition, iBackup Viewer can automatically detect iOS devices installed on your Mac and backups stored on your PC. This is a great app, if you need to use certain data, but don’t want to restore the iTunes backup that has it on your own device. It is not difficult to extract facts from iPhone backup sources. You can extract images from an iPhone backup, save photos to your local hard drive on a Mac computer quickly with iBackup Viewer Pro Code.


iBackup Viewer Pro 4.18.5 Crack With Serial Key 2021 (Mac)

iBackup Viewer Pro Serial Key is available as a free application, but has a button that requests donations from the developer. Fortunately, there are no unexpected download and installation issues. The program has no instructions or tutorials, but the menus are easy to interpret without them. At startup, the computer requires no additional configuration and only loads data that is already on the computer for viewing. There are easily identified guides for contacts, calls, notes, applications, photos and the Internet. Clicking on each one displays an additional menu with relevant information. For example, the Internet tab lists the sites viewed and the photo area shows all the photos taken on the device. The drop-down menu also makes it easy to switch between additional iPhones or iPods, if you have more than one you want to track. During the test, it appears that this data came from syncing the device with iTunes and displays only information from when the last device plug-in occurred.

Why do users like iBackup Viewer Pro Mac?

IBackup Viewer Pro Keygen supports all forms of data backup, such as photos, SMS, contacts, records, iMessage, voice notes, RAW data files, calendar events, notes, history and bookmarks, WhatsApp and Skype messages. Likewise, all supported iOS backups that you want to share with your PC or Mac are supported. iBackup Viewer Pro for Mac Download is the best key to extract backups of your favorite videos, applications and games under usable conditions. And the best that most users share when reviewing iBackup Viewer Pro is the selected backup file extraction feature. This means that the user has the option to extract the selected file or a single item from the entire backup.

How it works?

ITunes backs up iPhone and iPad content to unreadable databases and files. This makes it difficult to obtain the information needed for the backup file. IBackup Viewer loads and analyzes iPhone backups, extracts useful data and converts them into a readable format for viewing. IBackup Viewer also supports the extraction of encrypted backup data.

What is the iBackup viewer?

IBackup Viewer is a free tool for browsing iphone backup databases. And save people’s contacts in the Mac Address Book, export call history and sms messages to well-formatted text files. Quickly view and save your iPhone application data.

iBackup Viewer Pro 4.18.5 Crack With Serial Key 2021 (Mac)

iBackup Viewer Pro 4.25.1 Key Feature:

The free version of iBackup Viewer works with all the features, including extracting contacts, exporting and printing sms and messages from iMessage to PDF files, exporting phone call history, adding safari visit history and bookmarks to the table safari , viewing and retrieving photos and videos.

Encrypted iOS backup:

The Pro version of iBackup Viewer supports the extraction of all superior data from encrypted iPhone backups, made for privacy protection.

Save reserved contacts:

Easily extract contacts from iPhone backup and export to Mac Address Book or Contacts.app. With iBackup Viewer, you can also save contacts as vcards (.vcf) files to disk, which are very portable to share with friends and online mail systems, such as Gmail.

Extract SMS, iMessage messages and WhatsApp history:

The most important feature of the iPhone backup extractor is restoring messages, iBackup Viewer fully supports extracting iMessage and SMS text messages from iTunes backup, displays chat conversations in iOS style, saves chats to files PDF and prints on paper. Create HTML files for all messages. Supports extracting WhatsApp message history.

Photo and video attachments:

Messages always contain photos and video clips to share in memorable moments, iBackup Viewer extracts attachments to display and save to a file.

Save iOS notes:

You can have multiple notes on your iPhone and extract notes and save them to your computer. With iBackup Viewer, it is easy to extract all notes from an iOS backup and save to a text file.

Export memos and voice recording:

IBackup Viewer can help you save voice recordings from your iPhone, extracted from an iOS backup made by iTunes.
You can extract all notes and recordings and play and view voice recordings before saving to the computer.

Save and print phone call history

You can have multiple notes on your iPhone and extract notes and save them to your computer. With iBackup Viewer, it is easy to extract all notes from an iOS backup and save to a text file.

Extract photos from iPhone backup:

Don’t worry about losing photos on your iPhone if you back up using iTunes. IBackup Viewer can extract photos from an iPhone backup, you can save the photos to your local hard drive on a Mac computer very easily with iBackup Viewer.

Internet exports Visit history and bookmarks in Safari:

There are many website URLs visited on the iPhone, some of which can be very important. And you need to save URLs in Safari, so you can visit websites on your computer without losing them. IBackup Viewer can extract all Internet visit history and URLs from favorites, which can be exported to Safari on Mac computers.

View application files in different modes:

You can view files in text, binary, image and property list format. IBackup Viewer will automatically detect the file format according to the extension and display it in the correct format. For this reason, it may be necessary to change the file format with a fake extension.

Other Features:

  • Encrypted backup
  • Contact extract
  • Save contact as vCard
  • Retrieve phone call history
  • Save phone call history to text file
  • Save phone call history to CSV file
  • Save phone call history to PDF file
  • Extract message
  • Save message segments to the text file
  • Save message segments to the CSV file
  • Save all messages to the text file
  • Save all messages to the CSV file
  • Save message segments to PDF file
  • Save all messages to the PDF file
  • Extract attachments
  • Extract WhatsApp messages
  • Save WhatsApp message segments to text file
  • Save WhatsApp message segments to CSV file
  • Save all WhatsApp messages in text file
  • Save all WhatsApp messages in the CSV file
  • Save WhatsApp message segments to PDF file
  • Save all WhatsApp messages in PDF file
  • Extract attachments from WhatsApp
  • Save calendar to iCal
  • Password protected notes
  • Save notes to the text file
  • Save notes to the PDF file
  • Save all notes
  • Save single voice message
  • Save voicemail as a playable file
  • Save all notes
  • Save voice recordings
  • Save all records
  • Play log view
  • Internet History and Favorites
  • Photos and videos on camera rollers
  • Photos and videos in Photo Stream
  • Photo folder
  • Save a photo
  • Save many photos
  • IOS application data
  • Gross Reserved Data
  • Save all data for all domains in a batch
  • Save all domain data (application)
  • Save selected data file to domain (application)
  • WeChat Message
  • Save WeChat Message

What’s new in iBackup Viewer Crack?

  • IBackup viewer for Mac 4.0800:
  • Fixed an error that did not have location information in the message. Provides extra options in preferences for selecting map engines to display locations
  • Correct the weaknesses of sending certain characters in the HTML information generated for iMessages and WhatsApp messages
  • Therefore, correct an error in the appropriate contact name for WhatsApp senders
  • Provides shared location assistance in displaying HTML message information
  • Improving the efficiency of the user interface display, the opportunity is now faster and uses less memory than
  • previous variations
  • Various bug fixes

How to Install?

  1. To get started, get an application evaluation template from the official website.
  2. Then, get the crack file for this application from here.
  3. Now open and extract the file and organize.
  4. Keep visiting our website for additional replacements.
  5. Done..

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