iMazing 2.14.7 Crack Full Key [Latest Release] 2022 (Mac)

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iMazing 2.14.7 Crack With Activation Number For Mac Free Download 2022

iMazing Crack is an iOS device management utility developed as an alternative to iTunes. Available for Mac or PC (licenses can be used on any platform), iMazing does not synchronize files in the traditional sense, but acts as a channel for transferring files between desktop computers and iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. To manage applications, photos, music, videos, notes, call notes and voice notes, iMazing mac free adds the ability to transfer ebooks and PDF documents to iBooks. Better still, photos can now be transferred from your computer to iOS via drag and drop, although albums created in this way cannot be deleted from the Photos application and are not included in the backup.

iMazing 2.13.8 Crack Full Key [Latest Release] 2021 (Mac)

IMazing for Mac lets you transfer data between your iOS device and computer to back up or add new media to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Setting up this application and connecting your device is a quick and easy process, so you don’t have to worry about losing important information again. Think of iMazing as iTunes without buying or playing media, but it’s much more flexible. IMazing also does many things that Apple media players can only dream of, such as exporting conversations from iMessage. Upset about how iTunes saves a backup device to your internal drive? With iMazing, you can save these large files wherever you want and simply search for files in the Time Machine style. (The file works on a volume formatted for Mac or PC, not a storage device connected to the network.)

With iMazing and your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod), you can:

  • Copy music to and from any iOS device (even from one iOS device to another!), Regardless of which Mac or PC the device has synchronized.
  • Music transfers are carried out correctly, without restrictions or restrictions.
  • Back up and restore each iOS application, along with your personalized stored data, perfect for freeing up
  • space on your iOS device without losing your files, great for installing applications, including your data on other iOS devices that you have.
  • Transfer files to and from iOS devices and explore the iOS file system.
  • Use your iOS device as a USB key.
  • Browse and save messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage), voice messages and call logs, nothing iTunes can do.
  • Browse, save and add contacts to your iPhone, without automatically adding them to your iCloud account.
  • Browse and manage multiple backups from the same iOS device. Select which data set you want to restore.
  • And other extraordinary things that you think are impossible!

Get iMazing Crack 2022 Manage your iPhone. Get reliable software to transfer and store your music, messages, files and data. Back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch safely. Powerful and easy to use, iMazing is simply the best iOS device manager for Mac and PC. IMazing allows you to quickly transfer data between your iOS devices, move files between iPhone / iPad and your computer, make smarter backups and restore backup items you want, instead of all of them, to extract iTunes backup files so you can view content and selectively import files and more. In short: iMazing makes it easy to manage your iOS device data.

If you are a diligent iPhone / iPad user, I recommend that you get iMazing, because it will save time and life, if you set up automatic backup with the application. It all ends in comfort when handling files stored on your iPhone, iPad and personal computer. However, if you are someone who is familiar with iTunes and doesn’t mind taking a little longer to sort files on the device, iMazing Activation Number won’t add much value to your life. I would say stay on iTunes and make regular backups.

What is iMazing?

In general, IMazing is a file manager for Apple iOS device users. Even with iTunes, this can help you import media files to iOS devices. Unlike iTunes, iMazing allows you to add music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and audio books, etc. IOS device directly to iTunes or PC. It even allows you to back up iPhone contacts, SMS, photos and playlists on your computer.

iMazing 2.13.8 Crack Full Key [Latest Release] 2021 (Mac)

iMazing 2.14.7 Mac features:

  • Transfer all necessary data to your new iPhone, even without using iCloud or iTunes.
  • You can access and export your calendar to your computer in CSV or iCal format.
  • You can use it to transfer iPhone MMS, iMessage, text messages, photos, videos, voice notes, notes, call history notes, and voicemail to your PC easily.
  • This allows you to customize iPhone ringtones, alerts and notification sounds to your liking.
  • You can use it to export eBooks or PDFs from iBooks or import them from your computer to your iPhone or iPad.

What’s new on iMazing?

iOS 2.14.7:

  • IMazing is now fully compatible with iOS 2.14.7.


The Photo section is rebuilt from scratch. The Camera section has been removed and integrated with Photos.

  • Much better charging time
  • See photos in high resolution
  • Access detailed information about each photo and video
  • View and export other versions of photos or videos: active in pre-portrait mode, original documents of edited
  • items, Live Photo images and video components
  • Customize exports with great options
  • Full screen mode

New data set: profile:

This is for sys-admins, developers, and geeks:

  • See iOS device configurations and provisioning profiles
  • Install, export and delete profiles
  • Manage profile library

Tools menu:

The IMazing package is three smaller utilities that you can open from

New Tools menu:

  • IMazing Mini is our menu bar application that handles automatic backup.
  • That hasn’t changed, but now it opens in the Tools menu, not the backup icon in the top toolbar of iMazing.
  • IMazing HEIC Converter is our popular HEIC to JPEG conversion tool, now also available on iMazing.
  • IMazing Profile Editor is our new Apple Configuration Profiles editor, also available on the Mac App Store as a standalone application.

Configuration menu:

IMazing 2.11 includes a new set of tools designed for system administrators to manage and provide a fleet of iOS devices. If you are not interested, you can select the Hide this menu option in the Configurator menu to remove it completely from the iMazing menu bar.


  • A better alternative for iTunes to manage iOS, backup devices
  • Copy from one iOS device to another in one step
  • Save an iOS backup on the go with a Time Machine style file


  • Accessing messages, calls, contacts and notes requires a device backup
  • Initial scan of long thumbnail with iCloud Photo Library
  • Some operations are slower than using iTunes
  • Backup files must be stored on a Mac or PC volume

How To Install?

  1. Open the folder where you downloaded iMazing (the Downloads folder by default) and double-click iMazing2forWindows.exe to open the installer.
  2. Click Next to start installing iMazing and follow the installer instructions. We recommend leaving the default options at all stages.

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